Thursday, May 03, 2007

Program for Biblical Perspectives in Leadership Roundtable

I have been busy with several writing projects these last few weeks and so have not been able to blog as regularly as I wish. I am also preparing for the inaugural Research Roundtable for Biblical Perspectives tomorrow. I am excited about the topics and speakers for tomorrow and am looking forward to the opportunity to extend our knowledge and interest in this topic.

The following papers will be presented:

Theme A: Christian Leadership as a Counter-Cultural Option
CornĂ© Bekker: “The Philippians Hymn (2:5-11) as an early, mimetic Christological model of Christian Leadership.”
Matthew Gordley: “Emperor Worship and Colossians: How Paul’s Portrayal of Christ Undermines the Claims of Caesar.”
Bramwell Osula: “Roots, Rock, Rebel: Exploring Leadership as Resistance.”

Theme B: New Testament Perspectives on Leadership Theories and Models
Jackie Faulhaber: “Virtue Development and Authentic Transformational Leadership: A Social-Cultural Analysis of 2 Peter 1:1-11.”
Brian Easley: “The Source of Transformation: Modifying Patterson’s and Winston’s Servant Leadership Model.”
Laurie McCabe: “Defining Jesus as an Agent of Change and Guidance: An Inner Textual Analysis of John 21.”

Theme C: New Testament Perspectives on Leadership Mentoring
Mike Oney: “II Timothy: Mentoring an Experiential Learner.”
Orlando Rivera: “Paul’s Mentor: Barnabas’ Seminal Role in Paul’s Early Apostolic Career.”

Theme D: New Testament Perspectives on Values and Ethics in Leadership
Jay Gary: “What Would Jesus Lead? Identity Theft, Leadership Evolution, and Open Systems.”
Gray Keller: “Infusing Values Triangularly: An Exegetical Analysis of I Timothy 6:5b-11.”

Theme E: New Testament Perspectives of Foresight and Strategic Leadership
Jay Gary: “The Future According to Jesus: Exploring a First-Century Galilean Model of Foresight.”

I will place most of these papers online in the next few weeks.