Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ubuntu Leadership

I did a recording quite a while back on thoughts and ideas I had at that time on the possibilities of an unique leadership approach based on the Southern African social philosophu of Ubuntu. It is featured this month at the digital publication: "Leadership Talks"

Here is a short abstract of the talk:
Many recent studies have highlighted the desperate need for an indigenous, innovative, values-based leadership approach inside Africa that will mobilize a wide variety of participants around a common goal of reconstructing the South African society that has been ravaged by racial discrimination, disease prevalence, economic injustices, corruption, crime and leadership failure. This new emerging post-industrial paradigm of leadership has helped South Africans to start to think of leadership as something that is done in community instead of the act of one privileged individual. The African philosophy of Ubuntu can be described as the capacity, in African culture, to express compassion, reciprocity, dignity, humanity and mutuality in the interest of building and maintaining communities of justice and mutual caring. More than a descriptor of African values, Ubuntu is a social philosophy that is deeply embedded in African culture.