Monday, August 20, 2007

Forecasting Patterns of Change

My good friend and colleague, Jay Gary ( is hosting a one day foresight seminar on September 20, 2007. Graham Molitor will be the main speaker.

Mr. Graham Molitor is a foremost authority on forecasting government policy, is president of Public Policy Forecasting, and former vice president/legal counsel of the World Future Society. He headed lobbying staffs at General Mills and Nabisco, chaired a legislative Commission on the Future, directed research for the White House Conference on the Industrial World Ahead, served on the White House Social Indicators Committee, and served in elective, appointive or advisory capacities in each government branch -- executive, legislative, judicial, and independent regulatory. Graham is the editor of the Encyclopedia of the Future (1996) and author of over 100 journal articles and essays on social and technological forecasting. Molitor will be offering seven 30-minute lectures on September 20th to a Doctoral residency, in a video-taping format.

The seminar topics will include:

  • Scanning the Environment
  • Framing the Issues
  • Advancing the Issues
  • Resolving the Issues
  • Cyclical Patterns
  • Bellweather Jurisdictions
  • Next Five Economic Eras

Here is a link to the seminar's web page: