Sunday, October 21, 2007

John Michael Talbot on "Standing for Jesus"

This has been a real busy time for me - but I wanted to post a short section from John Michael Talbot's blog that really touched home for me today:

Luke 12:8-12: "I tell you, whoever acknowledges me before men - the Son of Man will acknowledge him before the angels of God. v. 8"

The world seldom speaks of Christ except to use his name in vain. Jesus is no longer found on the front page of popular magazines as he was during the days of the Jesus Movement. Today the world is preoccupied with the pragmatic realities of political power and money. It takes courage to stand up for the real Jesus of Bethlehem and Calvary, born in a shepherd's stable and crucified on a criminal's cross. It is not easy to stand up for the poor, or to give one's life for those treated unjustly by the political systems of the world.

We may feel at a loss when asked to explain the way of Jesus. How can we put into limited words an infinite Living Word proclaimed throughout eternity? Paul said, "I did not come proclaiming God's testimony with any particular eloquence or wisdom ... my message and my preaching had none of the persuasive force of wise argumentation, but the convincing power of the Spirit." As Jesus tells us in today's gospel, "The Holy Spirit will teach you at that moment all that should be said."

We need not win an argument. We need only proclaim the simple message of Jesus. "The word of God will not return void," said Isaiah the prophet. Speak in clear simplicity and confidence. Let the Spirit do the rest. You may not win the intellectual argument, but you will win the spiritual battle for the soul! As Socrates wrote, "Just because you win an argument does not mean you possess the truth."Do we rely on the power of the Spirit when we share about Jesus with others? Do we share in the Spirit, or simply argue with the mind? The Spirit leads to humility and gentleness, while the mind only leads to presumption and pride. Do not be afraid. God will use your simple testimony and your personal story to evangelize even the powerful of this world.

- John Michael Talbot
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