Saturday, June 17, 2006

Seminar on Christian Leadership at Project Bridges in DC

I will be leading a one-day seminar on the call and process of Christian Leadership at Project Bridges in Washington DC on Saturday, June 24. I have entitled the seminar, "Following in the footsteps of Jesus: The Call and Process of Christian Leadership." Project Bridges' mission is to strengthen and expand the capacity of churches and community organizations through strategic alliances and partnerships that provide relevant training, services, programs and resources. For more information on Project Bridges, follow the link to their website:

The following is a synopsis of the seminar:
The call of Christian leadership brings a deep challenge to those who desire to emulate the leadership of Jesus Christ. Christian leadership requires the voluntary relinquishment of temporal power by those called to lead. The theological construct of the kenosis (self-emptying) of Christ as mentioned in the Philippians Hymn (2:5-11) provides Christian leaders with a foundation for the understanding and application of true biblical leadership formation. This seminar will provide you with a biblical foundation for true Christian leadership and explore practical steps on how leaders are called, shaped, empowered and sent as community leaders that in turn will change their world.