Tuesday, July 25, 2006

International Conference on Integrating Spirituality and Organizational Leadership

Regent University's School of Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship and the University of Delhi's Faculty of Management Studies have issued a call for papers for their International Conference on Integrating Spirituality and Organizational Leadership (ICISOL) to be held in Delhi, India, February 8-10, 2007.

Conducted in the English language, the ICISOL will bring together leading scholars from the USA, Europe and Asia to systematically explore and map the field of spirituality and organizational leadership from various disciplines and spiritual traditions to focus on the role of spirituality and leadership in renewing the contemporary management praxis.

Designed for academicians, business leaders and those representing business associations, civil society and the media, this conference will address:

  • Changing business paradigms to meet the ecological and social realities of our age
  • The change from work and worship to “work is worship”
  • The role of spirituality in transforming contemporary management theory and praxis
  • Integrating perception of self and identity into managerial context
  • Contributions from different religious traditions and their value perspectives for the renewal of corporations and their cultures
  • Transcendental approaches for optimal performance
  • Implications of transpersonal experience and non-ordinary states of consciousness for ethics in general and for business ethics in particular
  • Promoting a spirit–centered leadership style for generating happiness in the workplace for optimal performance

For more information see: http://fms.edu/conference/IntConf/rtc.htm