Sunday, July 16, 2006

Seminar on Hermeneutics and Leadership at Heritage Bible College

I will be presenting a seminar on Hermeneutics and Christian Leadership at Heritage Bible College in Dunn, North Carolina tomorrow, July 17. As I prepare for this I cannot help but to once again think of the importance of proper exegesis and the use of Scripture to explore Leadership. I wonder why so many leadership scholars are reluctant to look at the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures as valid sources in our exploration of moral leadership. I am reminded of a wonderful rabbinical story that Knut Grønvik relays that might explain this scholarly hesitance:

Rabbi Eliezer was the first to speak. “If a man really wants to understand a word in scriptures,” he said, “he has to enter into it with his whole being.” “But is it not impossible for a grown-up man to enter into a small word?” one of his disciples objected. “I did not speak about men who think they are bigger than words,” the Rabbi answered.

May we all be humbled by the (T)ruth of God's eternal Word.

Grønvik Knut. "Letting Scripture read you." Conversations 3:1 (Spring 2005).