Saturday, December 23, 2006

First Edition of JBPL and Date of Research Roundtable

It is with great joy that I can announce that the first edition of the Journal of Biblical Perspectives in Leadership is online today. I am very grateful for all the hard work by the production staff to get this first edition ready.
Here is a link to it:

I am also including the text of the invitation to the first Research Roundtable on Biblical Perspectives in Leadership:

The School of Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship of Regent University will host the inaugural Biblical Perspectives in Leadership Research Roundtable on May 8, 2007 at the Founders Inn and Conference Center located on the campus of Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA.

The Biblical Perspectives in Leadership Research Roundtable is an attempt to create a platform of discussion and exploration where scholars, researchers, ministers and practitioners who are interested in research and exploration of leadership studies focused on the Hebrew and Christian scriptures can present and test their research. The roundtable invites papers and discussion forums covering topics such as:

  • The use of exegetical methods to explore leadership

  • The relationship between scripture, faith, theology and leadership

  • Models of biblical spirituality and leadership

  • Models of tribal and other forms of leadership in the Pentateuch

  • Models of ruling, leadership, governing and organizational structures in the history of early Israel

  • Leadership values in the wisdom writings of the Hebrew scriptures

  • The relationship between prophecy and contextual leadership in the prophetic material of the Hebrew scriptures

  • Comparative studies of leaders and leadership models across the Hebrew and Christian scriptures

  • Historical studies of leaders in the Hebrew and Christian scriptures
    Group dynamics in the Gospels

  • Historical Jesus and leadership research

  • Pauline perspectives in leadership

  • Organizational design and dynamics in the early faith communities of the Christian scriptures

  • Follower-leader relationships in the Christian scriptures

  • Organizational and leadership values in the Christian scriptures

  • Models of spiritual and leadership formation in the Christian scriptures

  • Models of future studies and strategic foresight in the apocalyptic material of the Hebrew and Christian scriptures

Please contact Dr. Corné Bekker, the editor of the Journal for Biblical Perspectives in Leadership (JBPL) for further details regarding the registration costs, program and submission guidelines. He can be reached at