Monday, October 23, 2006

Humility and Christian Scholarship

There is a very helpful article in the Fall edition of Christian Scholar's Review. Written by Roger P. Ebertz, it deals succintly with the problems connected with the "worldview" approach in Christian Scholarship and points the way to a better understanding of the role of Biblical Hermeneutics to shape and frame our role as humble seekers of Truth . Ebertz (2006:28) proposed a humble and open approach in scholarship that seeks to emulate the attitude of Jesus Christ:

"We must stand before the world and before God with the recognition that our perspectives are by necessity incomplete and limited. This humility, in turn, should lead us to be genuinely open to others. In the case of the Christian scholar I believe that this openness faces several directions. The Christian scholar is open to Scripture. She is open toward the subject matter of her field. And she is open to the voices of all of those who, also seek to understand. Although we are not used to applying concepts like 'love' and 'compassion' to the intellectual activity of scholarship, I am inclined to think that they apply. Genuine openness to another is only possible when we care what the other has to say."

Further Reader:
Ebertz, R. P. 2006. Beyond Worldview Analysis: Insights from Hans-Georg Gadamer on Christian Scholarship. Christian Scholar's Review. XXXVI:1