Tuesday, October 10, 2006

New Publication in Christian Spirituality Research

We recently had the joy of hosting Professor Celia Kourie, Professor and author in Christian Spirituality from the University of South Africa and St. Augustine's College. Celia recently co-edited a new publication on research approaches in Christian Spirituality. This publication is the eigth supplemtum to the Acta Theologica Journal. The book is entitled: "The Spirit that moves: Orientation and Issues in Spirituality." (ISBN: 0-86886-713-6). It is worthwhile getting. The research approaches and orientations mentioned in this publication opens many doors for scholars exploring authentic Christian spirituality in leadership.

Kourie writes about the promise that the renewed interest in spirituality brings (2006:35):
" We are witnessing a renewal of interest in perhaps what is one of the oldest traditions in human history, namely, the transmission of spiritual wisdom...It is my contention that the 'turn' to spirituality, both general and academic, will help bring about an ecumenical transformation of consciousness, which will elucidate the many-faceted spendour and diverse ways in which to discover Ultimate Reality."

De Villiers, P.G.R; Kourie, C.E.T; and Lombaard, C. 2006. The Spirit that moves: Orientation and Issues in Spirituality. Acta Theologica Supplementum 8.