Thursday, March 01, 2007

ILA Conference in Vancouver, November 2007

The International Leadership Association (ILA) will have have its annual conference in Vancouver this year, November 1-4. The Conference theme is as follows; "Leadership: Impact, Culture and Sustainability." The Call for Papers puts it as follows:

Leadership: How can we assess its impact? How do we understand its cultural, ethnic, and organizational contexts? How will we ensure that practices advance sustainability and are themselves sustainable? The 9th annual ILA Conference will address, among other issues, these crucial questions, the answers to which influence and inform the works of those in the leadership field. When we assess impact we learn from our experiences. When we understand culture we open ourselves to ideas. When we practice sustainability we plan for the future. Vancouver will be the setting and inspiration for our global network to engage in dialogue, share best practices, and present research. The ILA seeks submissions that represent the best contemporary thinking about leadership from a diverse range of scholars, practitioners, educators, leadership program directors, leadership coaches/consultants, grant makers, business/community/public leaders, and students. Proposal formats include: paper presentations, panel discussions, workshops, conversations with leadership authors, roundtables, and posters. While we encourage submissions on all leadership topics, extra attention will be given to those submissions that relate to the theme, Leadership: Impact, Culture, and Sustainability.

I am part of two proposals for panel presentations; one on the integration of spirituality and organizational leadership and another on the dark side of leadership. Both of my presentations reflect my current research in the ontology of sin in the writings of the early Church as it applies to organizational leadership.