Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Start of the Journey

I discovered a box of old music cassettes today and as I listened to some of them I was taken back to the start of my journey with Jesus. As I listened to an audio cassette of the self titled album by John Michael Talbot (recorded in 1976 and purchased by me in 1981) this morning, I remembered the clean sweep God's presence made in the last months of 1981 as I surrendered my life, hopes and dreams to His Lordship. My favorite song from that album was a simple song called "Hallelu", a song that expressed my new found faith, the lyrics follows:
I gazed into the stars
I followed where the eastern light does show
I tried to find the Light to fill my achin' soul
I looked into the ocean
I walked upon the mountain tops
I trusted in my garden tryin' to set my spirit free

And then the Son of Man, He beckoned to me
The Spirit of the Light came in true love
Like a gentle summer breeze, so comfortin', so free
He gave the Light of freedom within Me

He is the Mornin' Star
He causes all the lights to shine
He walks within the garden beside me

From the depths of the sea
Beyond the highest mountain top
He causes all the universe to be

And I sing Hallelu, sing praises to my Lord
I sing Hallelu, Hallelu

My prayer for us all is that we might rediscover the simple faith we once had as we started this journey.