Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Book on Humble Leadership

There is a new book out by N. Graham Standish entitled: "Humble Leadership: Being Radically Open to God's Guidance and Grace". The write-up on the book reads as follows:
"A humble leader says to God, 'I’m yours, no matter where you call me to go, what you call me to do, or how you call me to be. I will seek your will and way as I lead others to do the same.' With this straightforward vision, Graham Standish invites leaders of faith to consider an approach to leadership he admits is at odds with popular images of leaders. Standish makes the case that humble leadership, grounded in the teachings of Jesus, means recognizing that what we have and who we are is a gift from God for which we must be grateful. It also means being radically and creatively open to God’s guidance, grace, and presence in all things. This state of being is like the jazz musician’s trust in improvisation. When we lead out of such openness, God’s power and grace flow through us.Standish offers advice on how to gain greater humility and sustain it in the face the pressures all leaders face. He discusses self aware leadership, wherein you understand your personality type; the need for prayerful discernment; overcoming divisiveness to be a unifying force; being spirit-led; and being effective through the practice of humility in all things."

N. Graham Standish is pastor of Calvin Presbyterian Church in Zelienople, Pennsylvania, a church devoted to following Christ through prayer and spirituality. He is the author of the best-selling Becoming a Blessed Church as well as other books and articles on spirituality and spiritual direction.