Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Prayer as the Source of Authentic Leadership

I am currently reading the early Church Father John Climacus (579-649 AD) in my prayer time. Here is an excellent section, where John speaks beautifully about the power of prayer as a source of authentic Christian Leadership:
"Prayer is union with God and colloquy with Him. Prayer maintains the equilibrium of the world, reconciles people to God, produces holy tears, forms a bridge over temptations, and acts as a buttress between us and affliction. Prayer drives away the struggle of the spirit. It is the blessedness to come. It is an action that will never come to an end. Prayer is a spring of the virtues, it is an illumination of the mind, it is a curtain to shut out despair, it is a sign of hope, it is a victory of depression. Prayer is a mirror in which we see our steps forward, it is a signpost of the route to follow, it is an unveiling of good things to come, it is a pledge of glory. Prayer, for the one who prays truly, is the soul's tribunal, it is the Lord's judgement on that person now, in advance of the final judgement."

Moral authentic leadership is birthed in the presence of God in prayer.