Saturday, March 03, 2007

Laying down our broken Idols

I read an interesting book last night by Rick McKinley, entitled "This Beautiful Mess", in which he makes use of a great poem of Vania Brandley entitled, "Rahab's Song". I cannot help but to think that the first broken idol we need to lay down is that of our pre-occupation with self-affirming, proud leadership.
In the dirt I used to kneel
idols fixed upon vain hopes
blocks of wood brought down with weight of prayers spilled
but You came and stole my heart
now I pray to ears unstopped
I am watched over by eyes I can't outrun
You are God alone
lesser gods before you scatter
to the winds like sand
for you, the God I love
I lay down my broken idols
following Your steps

I can feel upon my skin
that Your tears have met with mine
and the earth around me shakes with your resolve
all my hope in You I find
all my heart like water poured
what is one more drop in hands that frame the world?